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over 16 years
in the game

About Calico Jagger

Calico Jagger is a creative agency based in Sydney, Australia, servicing the globe. Offering full service representation, all the way through to bespoke consultation for the Tourism and Lifestyle industries. Headed up by international multi award winning c-level marketer, writer and creative director Vanessa Richards. Vanessa does things differently. She isn’t your average operator. She knows the travel market well and knows how to connect destinations to consumers, having won countless awards for her way of thinking.

As your support leg, Calico Jagger won’t start and stop with traditional models – we combine creativity with science to deliver out of the box solutions that meet our clients commercial objectives and acceleration plans. If there is one thing Vanessa and her team know how to do, it’s to inspire, connect and make something known to the masses. Calico Jagger takes brand amplification to new heights. It you want to be relevant, stand out amongst the crowd and want your destination in front of the right audience, Calico Jagger is the agency for you.

Why the name?

Calico is everywhere. It’s a neutral base for creativity. Artists and designers all of the world use this fabric to start their creations. One one single cut of fabric becomes a million ideas. It is versatile and durable. A blank canvas for something truly amazing.

Jagger? Well, Mick had flair. The lead singer of The Rolling Stones made rock, cool, sexy and dangerous. Just how all good things should be. Combing the stage presence of James Brown, with the loose energy of good time rock and roll, Jagger created a new vibe and a new presence that the world had never seen before. Enigmatic with a side dose of sex and confidence.

That’s what Calico Jagger will bring to your company. A creative base, that like calico, will allow you to shine with your own style, flair and individuality.

Just as Jagger did.

About Vanessa

Our Founder, Vanessa Richards is an accomplished leader and visionary. Her 16 year career has seen her lead marcom teams within Nova Entertainment, Vevo, Southern Cross Austereo, Excite Holidays, bellabox, the BBC and Hearst Magazines. Having won Marketer of the Year at the World Tourism Awards, Marketer of the Year at the Women in Travel awards, 10 x prestigious Australian Commercial Radio Awards, B&T’s 30 Under 30 and 2 x MFA awards for her marketing initiatives, she is force to be reckoned with.

In a nutshell, Vanessa is an innovator, a true content generator. She strategises, writes, shoots, directs, performs and motivates, with her vivid imagination, energy and drive. Having both a creative and strategic mind, she is a one stop shop. A creative agency all in one. She drives change in industries that need shaking up, disrupts the norm, and always puts herself in the consumers shoes.

The Process

Whether you are after full service Marketing or PR representation, consultancy or an additional service, the kick off remains the same. For every client the process includes a one hour consult to better understand the history of your brand. It is here, where Vanessa will offer her advice and direction moving forward, consolidating all the thoughts and dreams you have for your business into one clear actionable strategy. From the idea, to execution, your brand will see growth acceleration under Vanessa's representation.

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