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Calico Jagger

When Two Worlds Collide

There is a nice synergy between travel and music.

Not many things in life can truly take us out a moment and into another. Music has the ability to do that. Travel also has the ability to do that and when both combined it makes for one hell of an experience. For instance, when stepping off a plane and into an undiscovered country, you don’t know what to expect. Emotions are high, adrenaline is at its peak. And then it stops. The minute you feel the humidity of a tropical island smack you right in the face and you hear ukuleles playing as your cross the aerobridge into the terminal, you are calm. You are there. You are immersed. It’s this glorious combination of two emotive triggers that powers your trip. It is also the thing that connects you back once you are home. A full circle experience that plays over in your head like a great technicolour picture show.

Music has the ability to take us away from the everyday. It allows our minds to wander aimlessly and focus on an emotion or a memory. It doesn’t discriminate.

Travel also has the ability to take us away from the everyday. It brings hope, education and cultural awakenings, It allows us to wander aimlessly in search of something greater, something more meaningful.  And through that we create experiences that become a part of who we are. They shape us, form part of our identity. They inspire us and become a part of our story. A story that deepens as we get older and as we grow.

So, I believe that both these things belong together. Music and travel. Especially when it comes to altering one’s journey.

For those who want to learn more about how to integrate Music into their Travel business, reach out and I can help build a plan that gives you a world full of inspiration. Inspiration from me, the end consumer whom actually wants to see and do, whilst having an immersive and memorable experience in your destination, hotel, airline or during your activity. After all, sometimes a good song speaks a thousand words.